Company overview

Royal Home Brands supplies to major companies around the globe in a variety of product ranges. With its own production facilities in Asia, we can fulfil any capacity demand and meet the unique needs of customers and their products. We have a global logistics network to ensure that products arrive on time, where they are meant to go. Royal Home Brands is proud to feature a near-endless production and supply capacity to customers, in whatever volume they may need. Specific, custom terms are available upon request.

Our Dream

We want to be your preferred supplier and help our customers around the globe using our keen knowledge and expertise, thus expanding our own offices in the process.

Our Vision

To be your main supplier and partner for our global customers, providing a wide range of products and categories with which to help you grow your own business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each customer with a custom plan to promote their product and grow their business with our expertise, from the first contact to the final shipment.

Our Values

We wish to be your full-service business partner and advisor wherever you live around the globe. Using our excellent service, management and expertise we want to help you focus and succeed with long term goals.